We are living in an unprecedented time, a world that is different from anything we have experienced to date. The Angler Nation is always focused on its community, sponsors and anglers, their health safety and well-being. Our goal is to provide fishing events that are a safe and an enjoyable experience for all that choose to participate.

As the President and Tournament Director for the Angler Nation Team Trail Tournament series and Open Events I want to share with you the things we are doing to navigate these difficult times.

Per the recommendation of President Trump and the Army Corp of Engineers to limit the gathering of 10 or more people, we are postponing the April 4 Keystone event to July 12 and converting the July 11th date to a day tournament. This will place us in the “15 day stop the spread” window

We have June 20th permitted as a backup date for the May 09 Hudson Tournament out of the Lions Ramp, should we need to postpone it as well. If we do not move the May Tournament, we will host an open jackpot on that date instead.

Because of these changes and how they may affect the outcome of our AOY race, we are making exceptions to the number of events needed to qualify for this year’s Championship. We are also waiving the 3-- sub rule to allow for teams that are competing in the Platinum bracket to continue the pursuit of that dream.

All Entry fees for April 04 on Keystone will be pushed to the next event unless otherwise notified.

We Thank You for your understanding

Nathan Asbil and Nathan Christie take first with 5 fish 22.06 lbs

Asbil And Christie Crush Tenkiller In The Rain !!!

The MidAmerica Industrial Park Team Trail presented by Pelican fired off event 2 March 14, 2020 on Lake Tenkiller near Cookson, Ok. On this cold and rainy day 64 team started the day with every pump their boat had to offer, turned on. Never have I seen it rain so hard on a launch in my life.  Water temperatures hovered in the mid 50's and looked really good considering the waterfalls running off the high sloped hills of this beautiful body of water.

Nathan Asbil and his partner Nathan Christie kicked off on Grand back in February with high hopes of reaching the Bassmaster Team Championship and a shot to fish in the Bassmaster Classic in 2021. Grand Lake O' the Cherokees was not kind to them at all, and and they vowed sweet revenge on Tenkiller looking to save their chances at a shot of a lifetime. Amidst all the turmoil and rain they dropped 5 fish on the scales that topped 22.06 lbs taking home over $1900.00 and the title of tournament champion for this second event on a 7 event schedule. 

Tightly contested by second place team Dillon Roberts and Jalen Dickison who weighed a monster 20.15 lb sack. Roberts and Dickison are pushing the stack looking to leap frog all who stand in the way of the AOY title which all but punches their ticket to Bassmaster Team Championship in December

Big Fish of the Tournament went to Brett McClintock and Billy Fuller and she was a whopping 7.23 lbs all by herself !!

We want to thank everyone that battled this cold and rainy weather to fish and look forward to seeing everyone on Keystone Lake April 09, 2020. Keystone will shake up the AOY race as it always does so anglers will need to bring their A-Game to get it done.. 



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Keith Allen and Jeff Montgomery 1st Place 5 fish 20.44 lbs

Allen and Montgomery For The Win !!!

The MidAmerica Industrial Park Team Trail presented by Pelican kicked off February 22, 2020. It was the earliest start date for tournament ever hosted by the Angler Nation.  The air temperature topped 35 degrees with a brisk 15-20 mph wind dominating all decisions an angler had to make. Water temperatures were hovering around the 45 mark and finding good locations to fish were extremely difficult. Everyone was eager to get started and kickoff a new season in pursuit of a birth to the coveted Bassmaster Classic in 2021.

Weather pushed the start fishing times back to 8:00 AM and allowed the teams to go until 4pm that afternoon.  Five fish was the daily limit and expectations were small because weekly reports had the lake stingy and cold.

Keith Allen and Jeff Montgomery topped a field of 61 of the best teams to fish in the state of Oklahoma with 5 fish tipping the scales at 20.44 lbs. Their big fish was 6.98 kicker, AND that was NOT the tournament big!!

Joe Durnal and Michael Corbett kept the winners honest with a solid second place on 5 fish 19.82 lbs while Charles Moore and Brock Enmeier were happy with third place, 5 fish, 19.57, but they had the Big Bass of the tournament

The Lowest Total Weight Award of $100 went to Doug Smith and Brad Smith on a single largemouth bass that weighed a final 2.00 lbs. 

Overall this opening event went off really well, except for the delay in posting results, and we are looking at a solid season ahead.  

Up next is the mighty Lake Tenkiller where some teams that struggled will be looking for redemption.


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Bass Team Trail Details

Will be one more benefit of fishing the Angler Nation in 2020.

This means that for $120 per man membership and $100 entry fees we will qualify teams to fish the B.A.S.S. TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP on a lake to be announced later in the year.

Here is how it works.

  1.  Fish the #AnglerNationTeamTrail , and we will qualify 1 team every 25 teams based on the AOY standings for the Bass Team championship.
  2.  Fish the Bass Team Championship. the top 3 teams ( 6 anglers) will fish-off for the one spot in the 2020 Bassmaster Classic.


Some things to note:

  1.  You must fish with a team member in our local trail.
  2.  You are required to pay a $10 Bass Team Trail membership which we will include as part of your $120 membership. this will give you a subscription to the Bass Times Magazine for a full year.
  3. Qualifying teams will be responsible for all costs associated with fishing the BTC. 
  4.  If for some reason you cannot attend the Bass Team Championship we will invite the next team on the list..

If you have any questions just let us know and one of our staff will help to get it answered... 


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